Jake Tucker

Graphic Designer & Founder of CanvaTemplates.com

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Gradient Squiggles, UI Buttons, and Background Flat Circle
Gradient Squiggles, UI Buttons, and Backgrounds Cone
Gradient Squiggles, UI Buttons, and Backgrounds Cone
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Graphic Design

Find more of my work at Canva Templates, the leading site for free Canva tutorials and templates!

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Blockchain Researcher

For most of my professional life, I've worked as a graphic designer. I created designs for many Web3 and blockchain startups.

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Freelance Writer

In my spare time, I like to write for various trade publications in the cyber security and cryptocurrency fields.

Sample Portfolio

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Lineless Artisanal Flower
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Simple Abstract Semi-Transparent Trendy Sharp Star


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Wheels Of Justice Slow To Accept Legal Tech As Funding Falls

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When Is A Startup Not A Startup Anymore? And Why Does It Matter?

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Data Analytics Unicorn Databricks Makes Another Big Startup Acquisition

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Global Venture Funding In Q3 2023 Falls Again Despite Late-Stage Rebound Led By Huge AI Deals


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Base: Establishing a Legitimate Layer-2 Presence

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Friend.Tech Tooling Mini-Overview

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Farcaster's User-Centric Growth

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The Modular Blockchain Landscape


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Build It Super Simple: Introducing Single Broadcast Consensus on a DAG

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Introducing Chainlink BUILD

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Fair Sequencing Services: Enabling a Provably Fair DeFi Ecosystem

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Chainlink’s Blockchain Agnostic Design: Native Oracle Support for Any Network

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